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About Sam

Originally from the Northern Beaches in Sydney, Sam became heavily involved in surfing and competitive kayaking from a young age. Sam was first introduced to chiropractic after suffering recurrent sporting injuries and digestive imbalances. The changes in both his sports performance and overall wellbeing inspired Sam to study chiropractic.

Qualifications & Experience

After graduating with both a Bachelor of Chiropractic Science and a Master of Chiropractic degree from Macquarie University, Sydney, Sam spent the next 3 years gaining international experience in practices across Scotland and Denmark looking after families of all ages. He says “This really gave me a greater perspective on the efficacy of health care systems across the world, and the immense potential chiropractic has to change the health and vitality of different communities.” Sam went on to further study in various other techniques including Applied Kinesiology, Neuro-emotional Technique and Sacro-occipital Technique looking deeper into the physical, chemical and emotional stressors our body’s are placed under on a daily basis.

Sam's approach to health

Sam says that “I find that having an integrated approach to facilitating optimal health and function, really helps achieve greater balance in our nervous system, body and lives.”

lismore chiropractor Sam Gill