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The Usefulness of Dry Needling

Myofascial trigger points may feel like ‘knots’ in muscles and may cause pain, stiffness and decreased mobility.

These factors may affect the function of the related joints and thus can lead to a cycle of pain and stiffness.

Dry needling is useful in addressing troublesome trigger points and involves the insertion of a very thin, sterile needle into the affected muscle which helps decrease muscle tightness and pain. Similarly, manual manipulation can also effectively treat pain. However, the combination of these two forms of treatment may provide significantly better results!

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Cervicogenic Headaches: A Headache That’s a Pain in the Neck

Cervicogenic headaches are secondary headaches related to an issue in the neck. These headaches are often accompanied by neck pain and may be caused by problems with the discs, muscles, bones or joints in the neck. However, cervicogenic headaches can respond positively to chiropractic treatment. Which was seen in a study that resulted in a nearly 50% decrease in the frequency of headaches experienced in a month!


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Chiropractic and Scoliosis

Chiropractic treatment can be an effective treatment for degenerative scoliosis. When compared to the combination of medication and a supportive back brace, chiropractic treatment yielded significantly better improvements in pain, daily function and the measurable angle of the scoliosis on X-ray. In comparison these changes also happened quicker. Your spine is amazing, maximize it’s function!

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More Really Is More – Why the Frequency of Chiropractic Treatments Matters

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The number of chiropractic visits can directly affect how quickly symptoms, pain and function improve. A study was conducted over a 3 month period and consisted of 2 024 chronic neck and low back pain patients from 124 different clinics. This study showed that those participants that had more than one chiropractic visit per week had greater improvements in pain and functional outcomes. Similarly, the more severe the presentation the more significant were the improvements. More really is more when it comes to your chiropractic care!


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The Inconspicuous Headache

“It’s just a headache, a Panadol or two and I’ll be fine.” We’ve all said or heard this before. Over the counter medications are often the go-to for relief from a headache. Headache sufferers often opt for self-treatment and self-medication, with very few people seeking formal treatment or advice (2). Although the head is quite effective as armour, it is unfortunately not immune to the bane that is the headache! Headaches are more common than you may think. WHO conducted a study in which a questionnaire was sent to 101 countries and determined that approximately 40% of people worldwide suffer with headaches (1).

There are several types of headaches ranging from migraines, tension-type headaches, cervicogenic headaches, etc (1). They may affect mood, concentration, cognitive function, and energy levels (2). Although some headaches may be caused by sinusitis, high blood pressure, infection, etc. Research has shown that some headaches may be caused by adaptable factors such as poor diet, stress, increased screen time on smartphones and computers; and poor posture (2). Although headaches are complex and mysterious at times, you may find the best solution can turn out to be the most obvious.

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The Correlation Between Your Heart and Spine and The Benefits of Chiropractic

While many people consider chiropractic a successful option for back pain or other aches in the body, people with heart health issues should consider seeing a chiropractor as well.

Scientific research has revealed that proper chiropractic adjustments may help successfully support the cardiovascular system by relieving chest pain, lowering blood pressure, reducing the heart rate, and even preventing heart attacks. So regular visits to a chiropractor can be extremely beneficial to the well being of your cardiovascular system. 

Scientific studies have begun to show that even the most minor disturbances and interferences in spinal alignment can lead to further, more serious health conditions later on in life, such as cardiovascular disease or a heart attack. This is because any sort of disturbance in the spinal column causes difficulties in communicating with the brain, leading to disturbances from the nervous system to other parts of your body such as the heart.

Correcting spinal misalignments, known as vertebral subluxations by chiropractors, is an important step to take towards improving your health and decreasing your risk of developing such health issues as cardiovascular disease. Abnormal structural and neurological interference caused by vertebral subluxations can further lead to atypical cholesterol metabolism, which is one more risk factor for cardiovascular disease and heart attacks.

People who undergo alignment adjustments often notice a decrease in their stress and anxiety levels in addition to the many other benefits they receive from chiropractic care. Lower blood pressure means that your heart is not working as hard to pump blood throughout your body, which prevents the organ from becoming too strained.

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