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About Vesna

Vesna is the owner of The Health Hub Chiro, and is focused on educating the community about the benefits of Chiropractic and living a healthy lifestyle. Vesna has been in the Chiropractic industry for 20 years and has also been involved in the fitness industry for more than 15 years. During this time, she has developed a great passion for natural health and the structure and function of the human physique. This has led Vesna to devote her lifestyle and career to helping people find out how to achieve an optimally healthy life.

In 1996 Vesna started as a Chiropractic Assistant in Sydney, and was opened up to a life of natural Chiropractic health care. Realising that most people aren’t aware of the amazing benefits, she decided to study Chiropractic to both educate and help her community. Since being involved in Chiropractic care over the years, and furthering her studies in Nutrition, Sports, Paediatrics and Animal Biomechanical Medicine, Vesna has developed a unique approach to Chiropractic health care.

Vesna's belief in the body's health capaciy

Vesna believes the body, either young or old, human, horse or hound, has the capacity to become optimally healthy if given the right environment. By making sure the spine and nervous systems have no interference, and with Chiropractic care, the body can then create better health.

Vesna says, "Chiropractic is the foundation of true health. When the spine and nervous system are working at its best you can then build on this and further improve your health through better lifestyle habits, proper nutrition, hydration, exercise and relaxation."

Qualifications & Accreditations

Vesna graduated from Macquarie University in 2004 with a Bachelor of Chiropractic Science and a Masters of Chiropractic. Vesna has a Graduate Diploma in Animal Biomechanical Medicine (ABM or Animal Chiropractic) and is currently competing a Certificate in Chiropractic Paediatrics. Vesna is a member of the Chiropractor’s Association of Australia (CAA).


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