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Animal-Biomechanical-Medicine-ABMAnimals can also have Chiropractic care.

Animal Biomechanical Medicine (ABM) is specifically directed at assessing the spinal biomechanics of animals spines. Once thoroughly assessed ABM practitioners use a variety of techniques including spinal adjustments, low force soft tissue therapy, rehabilitation/exercise management, nutrition and lifestyle management. These are all aimed to help return the patient’s body to best possible function – promoting homeostasis and optimum performance. 

An ‘adjustment’ applied by a qualified ABM professional is a much safer, more specific technique than ‘manipulations’ applied by unqualified practitioners. Spinal adjustment is a highly effective technique that really does get excellent results, and is usually very comfortable for the animal. The amount of effort or force applied in an adjustment is of course tailored to the needs of each animal, and is generally much smaller than you might think would be necessary.

Reasons people may seek ABM treatment for their animal include; back and neck pain, injury, trauma, shortness of stride & stiffness in joints. Please contact Vesna on 0412 718 371 for more information.